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Foley Recording

We offer a specially designed studio for foley and room effects recording. We have multiple surfaces with different floor textures, and a wharehose full of props, shoes and clothes. The foley recording is made with a shotgun microphone to match the location sound texture, or a mic with a large diaphragm for animated films.

We have made foley in more than 50 short and long feature films, , and some TV series too.

Sound design. Sound Editing

We are interested in working on projects from the early stages of production, this way we have enough time to get to a solid and unique sound concept for every single film. We work on a Pro Tools platform, as most movie sound studios do, but our goal goes beyond technology, we are interested in integrate sound and image into a single final product.

Our team of sound editors has participated in some of the most outstanding films of Mexico and Latin America.


Location Sound

We work together with ATMAN SONIDO, specialized in location sound recording. 

5.1 Mix 

We have the equipment and the necessary human resources to finish your productions in formats 5.1, 4:2:4 and stereo. We have mixing rooms in Mexico D.F. and Guadalajara. We can mix also in the main THX mixing rooms for Mexican cinema.

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